Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why didn't God give you a baby?

Erik is full of good questions. Some of them have come as a result of interesting vistors we had this weekend. A former LCC teacher and her 2 children visited us/stayed at our apartment this weekend. We also had a little party so others who wanted to visit her could come see her and the children in an environment where the kids could be free to play. It worked out quite well and the adults got to visit. We found the kids did quite well, maybe better without the adults sitting with them!

This was an opportunity to hold babies and share toys and understand how a baby is fed and to talk again about where babies come from. Without all the details you might need in adolescence of course! I think the title question came from the answer to where do babies come from, how do they get there. Well God puts them there. For now that will have to do, but, it does put God in an interesting light when he does not put babies there. So I said, God gave us you.

It was also a treat to have our friend Gina bring her baby Elija too.

The boys did quite well with houseguests. We were actually surprised. Erik did start to get weary of it after about 2 days, but he was good about it with some encouragement and help to find quiet time for himself.

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