Wednesday, May 27, 2009

back in action

Well, after a few days of more rest and naps than I've had in a while, I seem to be almost back to health. Just tired more quickly.

Weather has been nicer the last 3 days too enough to get bikes out. and for the boys to try a new scooter yesterday. Erik and I went on a bike ride from our place through the path in the forest out to the main bike path through the woods... for serious riders. We went a ways on that and turned around. Erik wanted to go full speed the whole way (on bike with training wheels) but it was a comfortable easy pace for me. We both were noticably tired by the end though.

It was noticable that Erik was afraid riding through the forest. No wonder, since his early years were full of the stories of what scary things are in the forest. At one point he cried out and jumped off his bike. The forest area was pretty dense so I guess it lends itself to imagination!

Thursday we hand in documents to migration for the boys.
Friday we go to vilnius to pick up my mother and we will probably stay in Vilnius for a Christian concert for kids... it continues with several other groups for adults but the boys will not last for that, and my mother will want to rest.
We have some friends to stay with before heading back saturday.
Then Sunday we will participate in a city event- fundraiser for the new cancer center in Kaipeda-spiritual care center that is. Thousands will use the main street for a walk/run of different lengths. We are told we can bring the bikes for the boys for 3.3 km walk that we signed up for.

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