Thursday, May 7, 2009

change of plans

Well, tonight would have been the night David was admitted for surgery for getting adenoids removed. But by Monday it seemed clear that he was not completely healthy, Nor was I. We have been fighting colds. So I called and cancelled the pre-op testing and surgery.

Now I am seeing in David a pattern too with allergy symptoms that progress to a cold and into the chest if not treated right away! So just after having been to the allergist and saying i did not notice him sneezing in the morning, I noticed sneezing the next day and every day since. And so we started back on Zyrtec. He had taken allergy medication, sometime locally recommended, for about 2 weeks during the last sickness, but then was to be off it for 2 weeks before seeing the allergist. It had been exactly 2 weeks he was off of it- and then symptoms started again.

Today we also got results of the allergy blood test. Moderate reaction to dust mites... Hmm. will have to be even more vigilant about cleaning and laundry.

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