Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stuart Little

"I have a mom but she died" and "My dad died too."
The words hit us like out of nowhere on the way to preschool the other day.
Erik sounded pretty convinced. But this is not the story of his birth parents and we certainly did not ever tell him that story.

We have mentioned the word adoption lately, sometimes comparing with another story of a child they know or of a story we are talking about. It is actually suprising how often that concept of adoption comes up in family based movies we have had. And among a few families working at LCC. And in reality in the Bible too!

But finally I figured it out I think. Erik was watching Stuart Little over and over the last weeks. The little mouse is adopted by a family and then one day a mouse couple shows up at their door and claims to be the real parents. The adoptive parents go to the social worker who comes back eventually to tell them that Stuart's parents died in an accident. So they realize the mouse parents are fake and they need to go rescue Stuart!

We did try to set the record straight, but we were soon parked and the story was forgotten for the time being.

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