Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother's day is coming

Today the boys were part of a program at preschool for mothers! Lithuanian mother's day falls on the first Sunday of May. And May 1 is a holiday so this was just before the holiday weekend. (Saturday is LCC graduation too.)

Hopefully I will eventually get a video uploaded here from the school program.

This is also Exam week at LCC and the goodbyes have started for the staff and faculty who are leaving after the Spring term. It feels sad but I guess we have to be happy that we get to meet such interesting people from all parts of the US and Canada. Some Lithuanians move on as well to other work.

Today we went to an allergist to check David. I have heard from some that if there are allergies it is better to treat them first before the adenoid surgery. Well this doctor is definitely a proponent of that. Really cautioned me about going ahead with the surgery. But we do have it scehduled already for next Friday. And the presurgery tests are scheduled for before the resulted come back from the blood tests that were done today for allergins, both food and inhalants.

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