Thursday, July 17, 2008


Tomorrow, ka doing?
This is the regular question of the week, what are we going to do tomorrow, or later or anything future. (Still asking about when we will go to Klaipeda too)

I ne can
Also Erik's translation from LT grammar- to I can't. But there are more things he is doing now than before. He just gets to try a lot of things he never did before too.

Come down!
Shouted by David tonight in bible school during the telling of the story of Zacheus who was up in the tree. He also enjoys the theme song- God's big back yard- and can say big back yard loud enough to get everyone's attention.

Bible school is a stretch for David, but just when I think he is getting nothing from it and I am doing a lot of containing his energy, he picks something up. He enjoys the little crafts we do- decorating bags for the meals on wheels program, putting together health kits and school kits for the Mennonite Central Committee, snack mix bags to share with the family.

Erik has Gregg's attention and with that he feels pretty comfortable participating. He follows much of what is going on. Gregg repeats the story in our home bedtime routine to make sure the boys get it.

We discovered something interesting today. Blindfolded the boys one at a time and did a touch test and asked them to show where grandma touched them. Erik had no trouble at all. David got a few of them, but did not seem to notice most of it. He has done well with other testing situations lately so it seems he did not really register that he was touched.

This gives some insight into why he can fall and jump right up as if nothing has happened. Why he can be bleeding but rarely cries.

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