Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We are hearing a lot of interesting language and language combinations these days.
The more we can have the boys playing with other children or in settings without us, the faster the language comes.

For those who know both languages: kur tu going? Ar tu come back? Car vazuoja.
And English: I dun want to! I want please drink. Nope. Thank you for coming.

They no longer want to hear Lithuanian, even from a native speaker who we interacted with today. And for some days now I know they think it strange if I say something in Lithuanian. But they still use it themselves, and David keeps adding Lithuanian phrases to his speech. It seems that language in general is breaking loose for him finally.

We got to spend a little time at Black Rock camp this week with others from Eastern Mennonite Mission who are preparing to go out- or back out on assignment. They provide childcare as well so the boys had 4 sessions of being with other children in the day and a half we were there. And they got to meet two children Their age we expect to see when we join the European workers on Retreat in a few months in Austria. An extra fun bonus was the new pool at the camp which is very child friendly.

On Sunday the boys had the expected pleasure of sitting on a motorcycle and some other big toys- like 4 wheelers, and climbing in Uncle Rick's truck. Daddy was also pretty happy to have a seat on a Harley.

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