Saturday, July 12, 2008


Corn is one of the sights of Lancaster county. Growing, eating, freezing (for some)- it is part of the pulse of the area. Erik and David have not yet caught the frenzy for eating the stuff. But they got to see how we get it.

Today was an active day- Playing at a new park playground, lunch and nap, going to Landis Homes to see Great-Grandma and Grandma Buckwalter (that visit always includes seeing the minature train set, playing in the play corner, seeing a peacock and chickens and sometimes seeing ducks), and we went to Walmart. They both stayed in the cart and were probably better behaved than any time we took them to a store in Klaipeda. We have mostly stayed out of stores here so far.

Then after supper they played outside, got haircuts, got the spray bottles to water plants and other things of course.

The big topic of the day was going back to Klaipeda and getting into their "groups" at the preschool. I did not bring it up. But both seem interested in that. We drove by the Lancaster airport and Erik asked if we can get on a plane and go back to Klaipeda! Well, I am trying to hold them off- we can't go to preschool in the summer.

Yesterday we had a day of travel to King of Prussia for medical appointments and to Exton for Erik's OT apppointment. This time he was able to complete what the OT asked. The OT also said that the sensory profile I filled out was scored and that there do not seem to be sensory integration problems. There are some emotional and behavioral barriers to using the sensory input well, but there should be strategies for that. Overall it is good news that under the ideal circumstances the boys can perform basically on par for their age.

The evening activity was going in the "big tub" at gammau's house. Wow do they have fun. Makes us think we need to get them in a bigger pool again. David is really trying to teach himself to swim, holds his head under water for about 5 seconds with no suggestion from us. And of course they think of all the other play and splashing in water too. Gammau said today we will need to add water before they can go in again!

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