Saturday, July 19, 2008

mommy and daddy

The transition is almost complete to calling us mommy and daddy and not really at our initiation. It is just what they here around them!

We also hear-
mommy, look at me- when Erik talks, he wants eye contact.
Ka, yat? What is That?- Erik is rather consistent in using the English pronoun.

There is a lot more that is hard to dicepher- firetruck, surprise- understood only in context. But we are happy for their interest in firetrucks and firemen (and finally they understand what it is) to balance out the primary interest before in soldiers and anyone with weapons.

Gregg did the retest of David's touch "test" with the blindfold and it looks like he was playing us the last time, he got it alright this time- go figure.

Bible school week was good but tiring for us all too, so it was good we did not have a lot planned for Friday and Saturday. Tonight we meet up with missionaries most of whom have served in Lithuania with us in the past.

Tomorrow evening we have a drop in at Lititz Mennonite church- Ice cream social from 5-7pm. We expect to see a nice number of people and of course the big attraction is getting to the the boys and hang out with them nearby. We are not sure how they will handle the attention, but certainly it will go better now than it would have the first month we were here.

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