Monday, July 28, 2008


Today we had a dedication prayer in the morning service at Lititz church. Family members from Sharon's side of the family were already together for events on Saturday and wanted to be there for this too.

It has been a full weekend. And the boys are starting to understand that we are saying goodbyes now and getting ready to return to Lithuania. A lot for little minds to comprehend. And more for us to work with as it comes out behaviorly.

The boys gave the people at church the giggles as they did the usual toddler/ preschooler responses to the things the pastor said to them. Rather than being agreeable they said no to everything. We were just glad everyone was taking it in stride.

The grandmothers sang a song after the prayer. And the church gave them each books. They were so eager to unwrap them that they spent the time of the song eagerly getting the wrapping paper off.

We have been travelling to Exton for appointments for the boys each week. This week was the last we go with both boys. The cardiologist surprised us by saying that the boys have normal heart sounds and normal EKGs and we should not be concerned at all for their future. (We were told that they have heart murmurs in Lithuania).

The occupational therapist has assured us that both boys can function at their age level for fine motor and visual motor skills. But there are a number of behavioral things that can get in the way of them actually doing that. So we are learning different ways of exposing them to things that make it more likely for them to respond positively.

This week we also got to visit the Burkholder farm again and this time they had young chicks! That was fun for the boys. And they enjoy playing with 2 other boys their age too.

This week we will have more time with my sister Carol's family including two cousins the boys enjoy. And we have some visits with people. The time is really going fast now and it is hard to believe we must start packing already. We leave August 6 for Lithuania- and the new apartment that we need to finish moving into in Klaipeda.

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