Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy days

We had good news in Exton at our appointments on Thursday. David had occupational therapy testing of his fine motor and visual motor skills and he is at his age level in all areas. He may not need other sessions. We filled out paper surveys about both boys in how they respond to sensory stimulation of all kinds and there may still be something to learn from that. Erik will continue his evaluation on Thursday by the occupational therapist.

On Thursday we also had hearing "audiology" exams at the Exton center. It is really amazing what they can evaluate in children. Both boys participated well. David has normal hearing. Erik's is just below normal and he might have fliud or something in his ears which will need another medical consult.

We went from there to New Jersey for family time with Sharon's family. We are really noticing the difference now with language. It is still hard for others to understand much of the time, but they are adding so many new words that we are having to really pay attention to figure them out with the ususual pronounciation they sometimes use.

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