Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mom, Dad

Over the last weeks there was activity around the apartment due to a family with younger children on the first floor. They left yesterday though for Kuwait as they usually do this time of year. So things are quieter outside now.

The boys keep adding language and trying new expressions, too much to keep a written record of. But I did notice in the last day or so Erik used mom and dad at times in referring to us- don't even know where he would have the model for that!

David is expanding into fuller sentences in English now too. He seems more grown up just in the last week because of how he is beginning to express himself.

Yesterday I visited the baby house with Erik again. I hoped to see the caregiver he mentioned most often. She had not been there the other week when we visited. And I also visited another little girl to get some pictures/video for a prospective adoptive family. Erik did well with the visit with the little girl. But it was difficult to get him to go to the group room where the caregiver was. And then he did not want to talk to her and clung to me. She was glad we came, but it did not work as well as I had hoped to get a pleasant picture with the caregiver for his memories. There was a time I wondered if Erik would transfer his loyalties completely to me for as often as he talked about Dalia, but it looks like it happened!

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