Friday, August 22, 2008

Where's the sun?

We are thankful for the few afternoons since we are back that the rain stopped and we could get a little time out at the beach before the cooler weather is here and are schedules are full of school and preschool. Temperatures are about 70-74 F perhaps, quite a change from our weather in PA.

I've stopped trying to remember the new words and phrases in English. Erik especially is really adding phrases every day. And it seems the boys think that whenever someone asks them something in Lithuanian they are supposed to say their names, which they do in English.

We went to immigration yesterday to declare the boys' American citizenship. It will take from 2 months even up to a year to hear back that they have officially lost their Lithuanian citizenship, since dual citizenship is not allowed. Then we submit the papers for them to get the long term permission to live here (for more than one year).

The LT president is working with parlaiment in this next political year to make changes in the consitution to allow for dual citizenship, but it will probably not be in time for Erik and David.

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