Thursday, August 14, 2008

I no understand

We were surprised to find that the boys do not understand spoken Lithuanian!
Our first real entry into language was going to church on Sunday in Silute. Erik is better able to verbalize and he was asked several time how he likes flying, if he liked the airplanes- but he looked at mama and said- ka yah saying, I no understand.
I have learned to interpret the mix of language and figured if they still use Lithuanian they should understand it. Wrong.

We had visitors on Monday night, Ema and her mom Gina, one of my best friends. The boys understood a simple word or request sometimes but questions had to be asked in English.

Again today we were with Ramune and the two children who the boys know from before. We went out by the sea and they absorbed and added a few Lithuanian words, but mostly looked to me to interpret questions. But children do well with whatever language and they really enjoyed playing.

We are happy to see that for the most part the boys are eating well and we are not having some of the battles at mealtimes that we were having for the last month or so.
In a lot of ways they seem to feel at home, though there are still new ways for them to explore playing in our larger apartment. And outside they enjoy riding bike and tricycle and chasing 2 or 3 cats that hang out near by. And there is another 5 year old boy riding a bike outside too.

The boys request to sing Jesus loves me about every day. I am still surprised at this because I never remember making a big deal to teach them that song! They do enjoy a couple of tapes my sister had sent us a while back with Sunday school songs and maybe they have picked it out as one they understand.

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Perry Lynch said...

WOW! What a difference a summer in PA makes!

Now I really wish we'd been able to make it to that ice cream social, it would have been very interesting to see the language skills in action!

Give them hugs from us!
Perry & Michelle