Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bilingual Sunday School

Our little church in Silute hardly has enough children to have Sunday school. But last week with visitors there were 6 children. Fortunately for them, I had prepared something. The age ranged from 2 3 yearolds to 1 11 year old. I brought back a book of activities for 2-3 year olds from which I took a craft activity and I also brought a Lithuanian New Testament for children- stories of the New testament, not really a Bible.

Gregg came back last Sunday to help out, which basically kept our two in line. And he provided a story in English for them. Then the craft time involved everyone well and there were enough to do some effective singing!

This week it was our 2 and the 11 year old. So he got to read the story while I contained our 2 boys and I tried to tell them the story while they also looked at other books. (Gregg was preaching today so there was no other assistance of course)The craft time went OK for all again.

So this is proving to be a challenge in a way I did not anticipate. For now our boys do not understand enough Lithuanian to respond or listen. starting preschool in a week should prove to be interesting! And eventually the language issues should correct themselves I hope.

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