Monday, September 1, 2008

1st day of school

Today in Lithuania is like a holiday- the starting of school- for all ages. Children bring flowers and greet teachers with September 1 holiday. Today was the first for both Erik and David to be in preschool.
Since I'm not sure if a video will work I'll add a picture too.

Here is a last minute very informal video at the breakfast table before we went to preschool and work at LCC. I had hoped to get good examples of their English, but this was not captured on the video.

Erik returned to the group he had before although the main teacher now is different and that took a little getting used to. But he did not run to us to leave like last spring when we came to pick him up, so it seems things went pretty well. The teacher commented about the fact that he has forgotten Lithuanian. It will be interesting to see if he makes the choice to pick it up this week. Last week when around another child speaking Lithuanian he said- When I was little I spoke like that, now I speak English. And we was proud of the fact.

David stayed a full day, though that rarely happens for first timers. And he did not appear the least bit stressed about it. He was really looking forward to sleeping in "darzelis" --preschool. They do that after lunch for 2 hours.

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