Friday, August 8, 2008

Mommy, where are we now?

We walked into our new apartment in Klaipeda after 7 pm our time yesterday and the boys excitedly explored all of their toys. Erik brought the ball with a globe painted on it and asked me to show him where we are now. I thought that was pretty significant. Now they have a concept of travel and distance they did not have before.
There were mentions of gammau and papa along the travels for the last 24 hours and a beginning reality that they will be far away.

David talked about it during the night too. Both boys felt like it was time to play at about 2 in the morning. I needed to stay in the room partly to keep them in bed and partly to lessen the fears of the new place. Erik has developed some kind of rash around his belly and back (increasing since Saturday). We don't know what it is, but beginning to wonder if it is a stress reaction.

Before we left we started to get into a routine of rewarding the boys with stickers for listening and after a certain number of stickers another prize. The final prize was bicycle helmets. They were eager to wear them at first as they had seen cousin Matt wear one. We are not sure how eager they will be in LT where it is not so common.

We also got to sit at Harrisburg airport to eat lunches before going through security.

The flights went better as far as the boys were concerned. I had found really fun little fans with lights at KB toys that were good incentives for listening and a little extra fun for holding on the airplanes. The stewardess thought they were pretty cool too. In the Frankfurt airport I started digging into my extra bag of little things to do. I blew up balloons which was great for the first couple of minutes, but when they popped we got a lot of startled looks from people and I knew I had made a mistake. Of course we were warned not to use any balloons in the airplance (which I was not about to do anyway).

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