Thursday, February 28, 2008


We are planning to start Erik in preschool next Monday, beginning half days at first.
He is finally starting to show signs of accepting the idea as I get a few things that are for him to take to school.

David Augenijus has a referral for speech therapy evaluation that we will look into the following week- he needs to have turned 3!

Meanwhile, David's vocabulary in LT is growing and he is using more verbs and short phrases. He also uses some ENG phrases, but it seems his verbal LT is growing more noticably.

Yet they both respond to our questions in ENG by answering in LT.

A week from Saturday will be David's birthday. We will have a small party this coming Saturday recognizing both Erik and David. For now their friends are the same. And the date suits. March 8 begins the Spring break at LCC and some have plans for travel- though it looks like we will be home.

The week before Easter is when the local schools have off- not sure what the daycare does.

But they will have off Monday the 10 and 11th in recognition of regaining LT independence. And that means there will be an extra Saturday work day to make up for the 10th off- making it a 4 day holiday. This happens often it seems.

With David's growing vocabulary is an increased assertion of independence (interpret I want to do what I want and will not do what you want) That is making the atmosphere even more challenging at home. And going out seems to invoke more embarrassment for mom too.

They will get past this, I just need to hang on, right?

It might be a little till there are pictures of Erik again. He ran full speed into the corner of a bench in Silute on Sunday. His cheek swelled and turned blue and the drainage is going over to his eye. So getting passport pictures is on hold once again.

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