Monday, February 11, 2008

caught not taught

I have often heard the expression in sermons or teaching about parenting. This time I think I saw it first hand. One gift Erik got the other day was a play guitar- a rather nice one that should outlast little boys play (with a little help and protection from mom). So yesterday he sits down to strum on it (and again today) and starts singing Hallelu, Hallelu, Praise ye the lord- in Lithuanian.

It was not the most often played song that I did with them. We did it last Sunday at church but before that it had to have been a few weeks. (being overwhelmed and sick I don't play regularly for them anymore). But what he caught and what he associated with playing guitar was that one song.

Oh, that he will show signs of catching quite a bit more that we have been talking about and modeling and correcting in terms of listening to mama, identifying anger, and speaking rather than crying and other less productive impatient signs.

The boys are still healthy- Praise God. And mama is finally on the mend.

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