Friday, February 15, 2008

Dr. visit

This Wednesday was a well visit at a local doctor- first time for us all to visit her. She was recommended by some of our friends with children here. And it was time for the yearly visit since each of the boys have birthdays now. (Erik was 4 a few weeks ago and David Augenijus will be 3 on March 8)

And we need medical approval for Erik to go to preschool. First words out of her mouth about Erik were He's hyperactive. No news to us, but we have a Dr. who says so now, and it is not just some new parents who are not used to active youngsters.

The exam included checking heart, lungs, throat, back and posture, feet, height and weight, blood test, urine test- which I took a sample in for today. And another test- I took a clear piece of tape and applied to the rectal area when he got up in the morning- then attached this to a clear slide and took it in to be evaluated. This cost 7 litas, but otherwise their medical care is covered as Lithuanian citizens at this point.

Both boys also need referrals to a pediatric cardiology specialist each year so I need to get that appointment now that we have the referrals.

In other news, my health is better, the boys are still healthy other than a sneeze or running nose once in a while- but Gregg is sick. Blames me. what can I say.

Yesterday I thought the weather might be good for hanging the wash, though a bit cold. (Now by today it has snowed- something new for this month) Erik got very excited about the clip pins and was eager to go out with me. Then he started telling me that Alita had these pins. If the kids were bad and had to sit in the corner she would put one on the upper lip and it hurts. Who knows if it is true. He makes up a lot of stories lately, but he seemed consistent in repeating the story in detail.

And yesterday was the day for Erik to tear apart his little photo album we had given before bringing them home. He was to be on the sofa resting, a student was around helping out and I took a nap. At the time I went in the room he was quietly paging through the album. But when I came out he wanted to show me with all kinds of bragging that he tore the album apart. Needless to say I was not happy.

He has been doing a number of things like this when angry with me for requiring something. And he does something he is not supposed to or comes and interrupts me when previously asked not to if he is left by himself for more than a half hour.

But, he is doing a little better for 2 of the babysitters than he was. I have to choose to focus on the improvements.

Last night we were with Pastor Modestas and Ramune for Valentine's meal and it was good to hear their observations again. They can always see improvements.

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