Tuesday, February 5, 2008

multicultural home

We expected the mix of Lithuanian and American. Now we realize that the boys have more Russian past influence than we knew as well. Our cable TV channels include a number of languages including Russian, and apparently that was the case at the orphanage. They have been very interested in Russian cartoons and sometimes other animated stories. Erik asks for the translation of the news- can't help him there.

It was only recently that they really got to see there were those channels as we usually went directly to channels we watch. But now with having babysitters it works differently. (And the babysitters are often allowing them the remote controls- "so they don't cry")

Our sitters represent Belarus, Ukraine, Albania and Lithuania.

Along with that comes different understandings (and levels of experience) in dealing with kids.

We were supposed to have a dr. appointment today- a well visit, but it was post-poned til next Wednesday as the Dr. has many sick patients to deal with. (Wonder if the unseasonably warm winter for Lithuania is making it worse?)

Today we also had a play date. There is a wonderful American family that lives in 2 rooms of 1 of the LCC dorms. They have a 3 year old boy and a girl that is a big older. It was a huge bundle of activity.

Whenever the boys get into a new situation especially where toys are present they are driven to explore them all and are very difficult to redirect. The determination to do things their way was very strong and there was basically no time for mommy to mommy chat. And it was hopeless to get them to sit to eat anything for lunch.

And though they fought it valiantly, they have both succumbed now to afternoon naps.

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