Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We are always grateful for sunshine- though this time of year that means cold. But we are due for cold since this has been a warm winter.

The days are a bit longer now and naptime is sunny- which means taking naps takes more coaxing. We'll see if I get through this post in one setting :)

This weekend I made lasagna which the boys really seemed to like. They also are taking to toasted chesse sandwiches. And little by little willing to tolerate a few vegetables.

David Augenijus has always been willing to at least try things. He always gives his evaluation as if he was a taste-tester. Last night was the first we offered Green beans by themselves. He was entertained by picking them apart and finding "peas" inside.

The two key motivators these days (for listening to mama) are candy and gifts. We still have one box from the last 2 weeks that they have not had. (and partly we still ration the excitement in manageable chunks). But though they really try to get away with what they want, they generally are good humored and happy.

We are starting to work on the whining and crying that is somewhat a part of this age though. They need to often be reminded or helped to find words. In the last few days David Augenijus has added Lithuanian words- duok and As sakau ne - give me and I said no. now to use them appropriately/respectfully! They are both quite good at "stop it!" in English and just today used them at the playground with other LT kids- needless to say they did not respond.

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