Sunday, February 17, 2008

Choosing the Bible Story

The boys continue to be excited about bible story time from the toddlers bible with pop up flaps. Their pronounciation of "bible story" is quite cute. We've been through all of the stories so they get to pick which one they want now.

So David Augenijus picked God helps David tonight and he usually picks that one. Then Erik wants to know which one is his. Erik Daniel chooses Samson, but is also interested in which story is about Daniel.

Erik also picks the Veggie Tales video that includes Daniel. It is on the theme "when I am afraid" also a common theme in his conversation- wants to know in most stories if someone is afraid.

Today was the last day for Pastor Modestas and Ramune to serve at the Silute church. They will be moving to Klaipeda and working with the Klaipeda Free Christian church. The boys don't yet understand that they will not see their friends in Silute yet. Modestas and Ramune have a son, Danielius, a little older than Erik. But we hope to see them occasionally in Klaipeda.

This change will increase the responsibilities we have in Silute church, and hopefully others will also increase their involvement as there is no pastor to take Modestas' place at this time. With our schedules in Klaipeda and the newness of being family and all those adjustments for the boys and for us, we will not be able to invest a lot of time. A few weeks ago, we began visiting families from the church after the Sunday service. We are very happy that the people are supportive of us in our new role as parents as well.

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