Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reactions to mom away

Last weekend I was at a women's conference in Lithuania and was away for 2 nights, the longest so far. The boys had time with Gregg and also with a babysitter for a couple of hours... shortened a little from the plan since she seemed to run out of energy keeping up with them. :)

When I returned they seemed eager to see me as I saw their faces through the car window at night, but we were taking someone else part of the way so I gave them the promised "gifts" I brought along and waited to sit with them in the back until the other person was dropped off. Soon it was evident that David was eager to reconnect physically. For Erik there was a barrier- no hugs, no kisses no holding, though he was glad I was there. But he pushed me off enough that it started to be mean and Gregged corrected him on it. He still did not know how to act so he was pouting.

When i invited Erik to sit on my lap for the bedtime story (lately we have been telling stories while they lay in bed), Erik was eager to do that. And he asked me to pick him up early after lunch the next day. I had the freedom in my schedule so I did that. And then he was eager to be physically next to me or on my lap or in active play together for most of the afternoon.

In reality both of the boys welcomed extra attention on Monday and then things got back to a more usual rythmn. When I compare to the reaction from last year going to women's conference I can see the growth in how they respond.

This week Erik also had another special experience. His preschool class went to the library on the public bus. A lot of other children had never ridden the bus before. But, Erik had. But he enjoyed the tour and of course remembered the candy he was given! We went as a family for the first time to the library today and he was determined to get back to that room for more candy. Turns out it was a conference room where they sat for a presentation and of course today there was nothing.

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