Sunday, September 27, 2009

getting married

Ieva turned 4 this week and we were invited to the party at a mall play area at the other end of Klaipeda. This is one we had not been to before. They have little side rooms for parties and there is a possibility to rent a "party leader" in costume. But since that would have been in Lithuanian and we are the only LT speakers of this group of expats, the kids just played on their own. And they had a great time with that. And then we had pizza and cupcakes.

Coming home Erik announced that when he gets bigger he is going to marry one of the girls there. They had played together and sat together- the first time we've seen that with a girl, after all it has only recently begun happening -the bonding with boys for Erik. Anyway, it seems that the girl asked him if he was going to marry her. David got on board too and said that when he gets older he is going to marry one of the little girls there too. He had in fact given her one of his favorite toys at the party- brooght it from home for her!

So of course we just smile.

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