Friday, October 23, 2009

LT higher education law

We learned this week that as Lithuanian law stands right now, our boys being of Lithuanian heritage have a right to the same vouchers for higher education in Lithuania as other Lithuanians.

As higher education works right now, students apply to receive funds for University and as long as that University is part of the system, then the funds go to that University. As of this year LCC International University where we work is part of that system. This is a change from earlier years when the University automatically got funds and they decided how many students got free spaces to study and how many pay. Now there is increased motivation for universities to provide the kind of programs that good students want to apply for so that they can continue to receive government funds.

So, if things do not change (of course it is likely that they will though) then even if we did not continue living here, our boys could choose to go to University in Lithuania if they wanted to, and their would be an option for them to study in English language LCC and have most of it paid by the government.

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