Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Transformer cars

We are blessed to have Jim and Donna Domabach visiting with us again. Jim is our director from Eastern Mennonite Missions. And Jim and Donna were also missionaries in Lithuania for 7 years prior to that. They got to the see the boys in high gear last evening as they enjoyed extra attention and played with the new transformer robot/cars that Donna brought for them.

As it often happens, little boys can be much more adept at transformer cars than adults. It took maybe 10 minutes for Jim and Donna to show them the first time- to figure out how to transform the robot into a car. And about 15 minutes later the boys were doing it in less than a minute.

It is a struggle for David to wind down after being excited and over tired. And though he was close to falling asleep on my lap watching TV to calm down, as soon as it was turned off and time for bed, he went into high gear again resisting every step of getting to bed. And when pajamas were on, he would not get in his bed but pulled his pillow out to but under the desk in their room. Forcing him to be in his bed would just stir him up further as he thrashes and screams. His poor little nervous system just had too much. But eventually he could be coaxed into his bed where he continued to roll around and fuss for a bit.

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