Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The word No is a common word in any language I guess. Erik has picked it up in his language from watching German cartoons. Oh nein! It seems to come out more automatically than No!

David on the other hand uses Taip- yes- very easily as soon as we switch to Lithuanian, like he does not even think about it.

We had birthday celebrations around here for the last few days- Gregg's Sunday and mine yesterday. We arranged our schedules to have Monday as some time off for the two of us at home since it did not work out to get babysitters for any other day, and on Monday they were both in preschool. Then Tuesday night we had our first experience of taking them to a restaurant without any children's area. Chinese. They were not too interested in eating since they had a small supper at 4 at preschool. Fortunately they have a growing interest in counting things these days so we made some games out of that to keep them occupied. There was some kind of informal guest book at our table too for people to write comments. And the boys needed to write in it. It would have been great if they had been able to keep to one page each. Oh well.

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