Thursday, September 17, 2009

dance class- almost

The preschool usually offers a dance class for the young children led by an outside teacher. There was a sign for signups and today was to be the first day of dance. There had been a large group of children last year. Even though we did not manage to sign up, we expected to have David start today.

But, when I arrived at 4:30, little dance slippers in hand, because we had not found them in the morning, the teacher had not come. Not enough children signed up, and we do not know if there will be enough for next week or not. David was quite disappointed. When he gets his mind on something he is going to do it is hard to get him on to something else!

But eventually we got changed to go home. And I dropped both boys off at LCC with Gregg who walked with them home. He has been doing this 1/2 hour walk with them several days a week now, with a short stop at the store for a treat on the way.

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