Thursday, September 3, 2009

start of school

September 1 is a holiday- of sorts. Dress up and take flowers to teachers is the basic rule. (And Lithuania passed a law no selling alcohol on that day)

The tradition does not really carry on at LCC, but there are other traditions there and new ones beginning too with the start of a new president. We had convocation during the normal chapel hour and that was a dress up affair, and then after classes, games and BBQ. It was a little hard to know how to dress for the day :)
Gregg has decided to teach 4 sections of 20 or so rather than 3 of 30 this year, but it is still all on the same Tuesday/Thursday. And I will have part-time hours again Monday Wednesday Friday with occasional meetings at other times. I also hope to spend some of the afternoons with the boys, especially to give Erik some American Kindergarten level activity. (We would start 1st grade here at age 7)

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