Sunday, July 12, 2009


I guess Summer is here. My own work schedule will not include hours at LCC for about 6 weeks so that means it is summer time. The boys are home from preschool. And we see the sun somewhat regularly. But we have not really lacked rain either. The past week was quite cool though and today feels like it is above 70 degrees F. But actually it is in the 60s.

We had a quick trip to Siauliai area to visit Grazhina and to check out a place we will be staying for a few days next weekend. The boys were anxious for play areas and we really have to look for them! The one pictured was near Grazhina's block of high rise apartments. We took a bag of toys for her since she will be hosting a 6 year old girl from an orphanage for the next 6 weeks or so. And as a single young woman is not stocked with kids toys!

The boys were surprisingly eager to help me shell peas this week. But eating fresh ones is apparently an aquired taste- they have not gotten it yet. We did make a game of couting the number of peas in the pod. And I remembered the tool my mother used what I was younger shelling buckets of peas- if you get a pod with 9 in it then you get 1 cent and if you get 10 then 5 cents. The proportion seemed to work out about the same here too. Those higher numbers just are a little rare!

We had LCCers- Erik and Becky Hinderliter over the other evening. They came equipment with things the boys enjoyed playing with and after all the balloons were blown up they started appearing on the ceiling and walls. New lessons in static electricity!

The real attraction for the boys on a daily basis though is to see if the big boys are playing outside, and to join in with them. David also likes his new friend Ben and is eager for invitations to go to play at his apartment. Ben seems to be away on weekends though.

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