Sunday, July 26, 2009

Snail heaven

Our trip out to Plateliai was enjoyable despite less than ideal weather. One of David's new hobbies is snails, much encouraged by how plentiful they were where we were staying. Randy and Karen Purves have a new guest house on a nice property they have tamed so to speak. And it is a reasonable walk to the lake to swim, weather permitting. Karen says when they moved here the place was swarming with snails and frogs. Not so many frogs anymore, but certainly enough snails to be a nuisance to a garden.

We also had nice conversation with Randy and Karen who have been here in Lithuania longer than we have. They also have history as adoptive parents and they have a heart for the many many children living without functional families in this country.

Our walk through the village town also led us by some turkeys and David was easily convinced to see them up close. He tends to want to pet or talk to all animals possible!
On the way back we stopped at another lake as the rain seemed to be finally staying way... but with the cool wind, being in the water did not last long.

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