Wednesday, July 22, 2009

good news and marshmallow treat

Perhaps only my immediate family will catch the significance of this picture, a favorite marshmallow treat which the boys are now catching on to--- when we can find marshmallows here!

We went to the doctor today to get a review of whether to have surgery or not for the boys. We had this opinion from the allergy doctor back in May that we should wait to see the effects of treating allergies.
The family doctor agrees. It is one thing to see the size of the adenoids and say they should be removed they are getting in the way! And another to look at what causes them to be enlarged and deal with it. If the adenoids are constantly on alert from allergies, they will grow back after surgery anyway. So, I guess that settles it for this summer. And if we end up with difficulty this next winter needing antibiotics more than once or twice, then we can decide to do it next year.
So I feel like a free woman, can plan whatever for the rest of the summer. And I do actually agree with the logic of this at present. For Erik too, probably he has some allergy issues though they have not been tested with blood test to prove it but that would be a traumatic thing for him and we will just treat the symptoms as they arise.

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