Tuesday, April 7, 2009

detective Erik

We have had another bump in the road so to speak- David contracted brochial infection once again this weekend. So far it is just viral so we hope it passes more quickly (go back to Dr. on Friday).

So since David is home all this week and since the weather has gotten warmer during the day, we went for a walk along the little lake and into the forest area around the lake tday. We hoped to feed some ducks but they were not inclined to come to water's edge. So as we walked around the lake was came upon marshy areas and alas had the opportunity to watch quite a few frogs jumping around. When we returned to the apartment my key was gone.

And it was high time for David's medicine and for his nap. We stopped by a neighbor who earlier in the summer had a key to our place but they no longer had one. And then called Gregg to come home from LCC on break to let us in. (It also afforded a chance we had not had for tea with neighbors)

Then when Gregg and Erik came home they went for the walk as I described it to see if they could find the key. Gregg says he would not have seen it, but Erik found the key! in the marshy ground.

So we celebrate! And we hope for David's recovery- though he really sounds like his lungs are full of something, he does play with almost full energy.

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