Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring seems here to stay

well the leaves are not open on the trees but there are signs they are coming finally. This weekend I had opportunity to be with other moms of young children visiting the quaint resort town of Nida where there are sand dunes as well.

The Fathers with kids got together yesterday where one family lives who has a lot of space- and also has motorcycles! So Gregg was pretty happy to take the boys on their first motorcycle rides. Mom was happy enough not to see that.

Last weekend we also enjoyed celebrating a friend's birthday- her name is also
Sharon. She did not perhaps need such a party but it sure made it fun for the boys.

We have also done more riding bikes since last Saturday when David got a new bike with training wheels.

Unfortunately, Erik got a cold and needed to be home so we have had our schedules rearranged once again. We are thinking to send David back to preschool even though he has not had the surgery yet. It has just been more to manage with the boys home all the time than we are keeping up with. And now that the weather is warmer perhaps it will not be so likely he gets sick. The heat was off in preschool for the last couple of weeks and that could have contributed to Erik getting sick too. (He likes to think so, since it would be another reason not to go back!)

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