Monday, June 23, 2008


Today we began with Sunday School at 9am. The youngest age class included up to age 4, so both boys were together. The other children were probably all younger than them, but the boys fit in quite well.

They got to play with playdough for a bit and then pulled chairs in a little circle for a flannel graph story of Jesus and his disciples in the boat- and how Jesus calmed the storm. They had enough of the idea of the story that they sat attentively throughout.

Then they made little door hangers (signs) on foam shapes with a boat and they added foam fish stickers to it. Erik is eager to take his to Klaipeda. And they had some papers for coloring but that was something all the children carried out, but did not have any particular interest in.

Then they could play again with wooden puzzles which Erk and David enjoyed.- oh and there was a snack too. Erik spilled his water. One of them usually spills at least once a day so we got that out of the way!

Then for the church service, Gregg and I presented our ministry through adoption and our work at LCC and Gregg gave a short message. The boys stayed to watch the first part which had pictures of them starting from earlier visits at the baby house. Then later after Tetis was talking and did not have many pictures, they went out with gammau to play in the nursery. All in all a very successful Sunday.

After naps today, tetis was sitting with fresh roasted peanuts my mother had brought us this week and the "guys" finished them off. They really like peanuts now- and peanut butter.
And supper was soon to follow- the ice cream cones at the end were just the motivator they needed to eat their sandwiches and pea soup!

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