Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun and not so fun

This week we went to the local doctor for the boys post-immigration shots. We were required to sign a statement saying we would get the required shots according to the American schedule before the US embassy gave the prior approval in Warsaw for us to bring the boys to the USA.

So that meant 2 shots for David and 3 for Erik. They did relatively well with the incentives we promoted ahead of time. They earned the toy tractors from Papa.

And we had also learned from other doctors that both boys needed the wax from their ears removed. In a bathroom trip shortly afterward, David banged the door shut and almost jumped from the sound. And then he also noticed the sound of the toilet much more too. We hope we will get attention a little quicker when we call them too.

Today we played at another family's house who has a 4 year old boy adn a 2 year old girl. It took a bit to warm up but it went well enough to stay for lunch and that went well too. Erik asked this evening when we will go see Adam again, also a good sign!

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