Friday, June 6, 2008

1000 words

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. That is about the level that our internet connection chokes this week. So here is another try to give you a window into our world.

We have members of Sharon's family with us now in Wildwood too. We started with a visit to Cape May county zoo. It is larger than the one we visited last week.

The boys are having great fun with the water in the ocean though it is really too cold for swimming yet. we took short videos (our camera limits to 30 seconds at a time for a reasonable quality) that show them walking into the water and running out quickly as the waves come in.

They enjoy playing in the condo here- sending mama or tetis to bed and keeping watch to make sure we don't get up to play (like we do when it is their time to sleep). Gregg likes to wiggle a foot or lift an arm in the air and they have great fun getting him to lie still.

Gregg's work this week has been preparing for a presentation/sermon at Norma church this Sunday. We'll drive an hour and 20 min. and spend some additional time with Sharon's mother before returning.

The picture upload is having trouble again, so it may be a while till we get many pictures here.

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