Friday, June 20, 2008

Kodel? Why?

We are being faced with the why questions about just about everything- and the answers also get the why question from Erik. Now David has started asking why about specific things too.

There are plenty of new things for them of course, but it strikes us as new in the last few weeks for them to ask why.

Erik is also asking- why don't we go back to Klaipeda. He is starting to understand that we are staying with family members and this is temporary. He misses some of his large trucks and tractors to push around outside.

But that does pale to being able to see the real thing which they did twice today.
And they sat on two horses, petted calves, saw large chicken house and picked up kittens. They are also very friendly with maggie the dog which visits and stays overnight here often.

The boys are becoming more comfortable with family members and we are starting to be able to be away from them for a few hours. It is a welcome break. Due to the language issues it has been rare to be away from them. But now family members here are starting to decipher the English mixed in and know the most critical Lithuanian requests as well.

We are very grateful for all of the friends and family members who have been sharing clothes and toys. We have not needed to go out and buy things for the boys and that allows us to have more resources to travel and show them things.

The gas prices in the USA are alarming for most people. In our area the price is around 4 dollars a gallon. But that is still not the 5.50 a gallon which was listed at the pumps in Lithuania when we left. (In our case we got a converter to natural gas for our van in Lithuania and pay less than that for fuel)

A few more pictures here-
Building a sand box, and visit with family with boys.
And yes- you saw it here- Erik carrying a cat!

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