Monday, June 2, 2008


We have relocated to Wildwood, NJ for the next 2 weeks or so. We did not expect to have wireless internet access, but once again found that there is a connection here!

The boys were excited to explore the new place when we arrived last night. We will have some of Sharon's family members here this week and then Gregg's family next week.

We will also be making the trip to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia during this time for the International adoptions clinic. Possible referrals to other services or testing will be made if needed. We have noticed a few lingering challenges for the boys that we will discuss with them.

In many ways the boys seem more "normal" all the time. On Sunday we noticed that Erik no longer says "taip" for yes, but consistently says, yeah, or yes. He was "hanging out" with his 5 year old cousin a lot for the last week and does look up to him. It is the closest that we have seen to a friendship (other than with his brother) since the boys have lived with us. If anything, Erik seems more calm about life in general, as if he feels that he fits and has a full family now. He is still resistant to trying new things/playing with new people, but less categorically so.

The boys had opportunity to be with children at another Sunday school/awana club as Gregg spoke in the morning service at Emmanuel Baptist church.

We are dissappointed that David seems to have lost the toileting skills he had before we came and we hope with 2 weeks in the same place and a lot of initial adjustments past that it will go better.

Regarding Sharon's health, the specialist here confirmed that no tonsillectomy is in order, but ordered a CT scan of the sinuses to check what is the source of ongoing symptoms. We should have the results by the end of the month. (That is one thing that I don't like as well about the American system- you don't find out the results of your test right away) Overall Sharon's symptoms are better than they were anytime in Lithuania the last 6 months, but there are some lingering nose/throat symptoms.

Now we (mostly Gregg) have preparations for the upcoming Sunday service at Norma (Sharon's family's church). And lots of things to explore in Wildwood with the boys!

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