Sunday, May 1, 2011


It took quite a while for us to see spring this year, even though the ground was not covered with snow into the spring like last year.

We had one full weekend in March where we attended the Free Christian church conference in Panevezys and then visited in Siauliai, staying overnight with a family that I lived with while serving in Siauliai about 15 years ago. Significant memories to relive, a time in my life when I could be wholeheartedly focused on ministry... my spiritual journey and the development of physical therapy for rehabilitation in Lithuania, and make great strides in my Lithuanian language.

We also connected with an American family who adopted 2 from Lithuania. The process is taking longer these days so a bit of help and companionship from Americans, English speakers is a helpful thing for them. Here we were with the girls at a ball play area in Siauliai.

Then it was back to Panevezys for Gregg to preach at the church there and we had lunch and took a walk with Pastor Aurimas in the afternoon- one of the warmer ones we had had up til then, despite the frozen lake!

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Ohiomom2121 said...

Yes, your companionship and help were greatly appreciated! Sharon, you are the best help any adoptive family could ever want and we treasure the memories we made with your family.