Sunday, May 29, 2011

Second day of Easter

One of Lithuania's Easter traditions is various egg-related games. Egg-rolling is so far our boys' favorite. It consists of rolling a hard-boiled (decorated) egg down an incline to see if it hits another egg. If it does you pick up both eggs, if not you leave your egg. What was unique this time was that we went to the Klaipeda baby house with our eggs and invited a group of the boys to join in. We had gotten to know one of the boys there in the previous week- he is to be adopted to a family in Canada and needed to get exposed to English speakers. This was the first time these children had ever seen this game, something that is normal for most Lithuanian families. So we were surprised to be taking a Lithuanian tradition to them.

Another highlight of this weekend was Lars' birthday party at his house with knights and princesses- an appropriate theme for this age.

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