Tuesday, May 24, 2011

catching up wtih Easter!

we had an unique opportunity to prepare for Easter this year at the invitation of German Missionary Rachel who also occasionally leads kids club (bible club) in Lithuanian for a small group that includes our boys. She invited the boys to her place to make Easter bread bunnies and nests and you name it. And we watched the Jesus film for kids. It was really a good preparation for understanding the story of Easter. David did not last through the whole thing and Rachel entertained him with her cat and other things. But Erik and I watched the whole thing and occasionally he wanted commentary. I will never forget as we watched the story of Jesus inviting disciples to follow him, Erik said- I want to be Jesus' disciple too!

we also had time to join a remembrance in Klaipeda city organized by 2 Catholic parishes and the Lutheran church- the way of the Cross. A wooden cross carried to each stop by a different community group. Songs, readings, Lord's prayer and solemn procession. We started as a family but David and daddy dropped back after a while. Erik made it the whole way probably 2 kilometers or more through streets of Klaipeda between churches!

Easter day included an earler morning attempt by Gregg to get to the Klaipeda Free Church Easter celebration at the beach, our usual trip to Silute where the boys participated up front, Easter dinner, American style Easter Egg hunt, and a short trip to the beach since the weather was warmer than it had been up til then. He is risen!

Stay tuned because there is a second day of Easter in Lithuania!

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