Tuesday, January 12, 2010

that's girls stuff!

Our boys are in a stage for the last 6 weeks or more where they pay attention to what is ok for boys to do- and what is girl's stuff and not for them! Gregg suggested tonight that they watch a video we borrowed, with a bunch of others from a little friend who happens to be a girl. But this one they were not so interested in watching. David dismissed it outright- Thumbelina? -That's girls' stuff.

They are a little less interested in hugging or kissing mommy and Erik has avoided close contact with girls for a while already. "ew- girls!" to be exact. He also stated that he is not going to get married because he does not want to have babies.

Once in a while they are inconsistent when they decide to play that one of them marries mommy and the other is left with marrying daddy :) oh well.

We think that David's teachers have been emphasizing the difference in girls and boys and how boys should treat girls- and that boys are not to kiss girls. At least a teacher mentioned earlier in the fall that the children in that group needed to learn what was appropriate modesty and behavior.

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