Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years already!

With the addition of the LCC event- Saltshaker 2009-2010 from Jan. 2-Jan.1 I did not have time to finish thinking about Christmas and we are already in the new year.
The idea of the youth conference over new Year's did give a group of 200 youth a way to spend New Years in great celebration without the atmosphere of excessive drinking so prevalent in Lithuania. It really was a blast! (But also a lot of work for some of us!)

Now in review there are a few more good moments to share from Christmas time too.
We enjoyed the time with our Silute church family on Christmas day despite the fact that David was fighting some kind of virus. It kept him calm enough that there were not too many disputes between the brothers during the service :)

There had been more good moments at home as well in our own family gift giving...

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