Thursday, January 7, 2010

let's go to the tomb!

We have been having a lot of snow for more than a week (and more is due in the coming days). Since it has been staying cold there is enough snow to build something and the older boys of our building built a couple of snow forts. They look a little like caves and to make good fortresses for snow battles. The other evening we let our boys play outside with the older boys as they built these and our boys were content to be out for a hour when we finally insisted they come in. It had been dark already for a while!

Today when we got home after 5 they wanted to play outside again. And I heard Erik say to David- let's go to the tomb! I guess it does look something like the image of the tomb that Jesus rose from, the only other occasion for them to see somthing that looks like that!

The boys have enjoyed playing with another boy who is their age, Lars. His family has moved to Lithuania to serve at LCC also. And they helped us out by inviting our boys into their family for some time during out busy week last week with the Saltshaker conference.

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