Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jan. 27

Birthday time. The boys have learned to say when their birthdays are in English. So now it has been time to celebrate Erik's - 6 years old! He is growing up and maturing, but it just seems amazing he is 6 already. We had a simple celebration with just our family and a couple of gifts from us on the 27. Erik also picked a cake at the store. (they have all kinds of cake but something with chocolate on top even if fairly simple was the key for Erik). And Erik wanted to continue the tradition of lifting up in a chair for the number of years old. (They had done this in preschool too. Erik had taken a "Sakotis" cake to celebrate with his group- and he has just gotten better from his cold in time to go for his birthday)

We got packages sent from Aunt Carol and from Grandma and Aunt Julie to open on Friday evening. Boy was that exciting. We also skype video called to Carol's place and Grandma came over too so they could see the boys opening the packages and their reactions.

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