Thursday, October 9, 2008

Warm again

We are happy that the weather turned warm (60s) for this week during the day. (nights are down below 40 sometimes though). The sun has been shining nicely in the afternoons too. That helps to keep mama a little happier these days.

Erik and David are going to preschool each day from about 9-5 and though they are not always eager to go in the morning, they generally are doing well. Erik is joining in with boys in his class. His communication is still not fluent, but he is using some Lithuanian. David is happy playing in his group and some days asks to make sure he can come back the next day. Some days he does not sleep at nap time and then we have more issues at home. But the teachers don't seem to be bothered about it. There are more than don't sleep I guess. David seems to need dark and quiet to sleep at home and neither are to be found for long at preschool.

This last weekend I was away at a women's conference. I slept better than overnight than I have in a while. No one pulling me out of bed during the night because he is scared. And the bed was more confortable than at home. (Landlord has not changed the inferior mattress yet.)

But I came back to a strange welcome. Gregg brought the boys in the van to pick me and a few others up at the large traffic circle near Klaipeda. The boys had not expected others to ride with us. So though Gregg says they were anxious to come and see me, it did not exactly look that way when we all got in the car. Erik led the two of them in wiggling relentlessly to get out of reach, though they needed to be on laps. And Erik said he did not love mama and did some other things to try to keep the emotional distance.

A little later David was eager to sit on my lap and was ready to connect, but it took longer for Erik. But then eventually it was clear he wanted to connect too. Almost seems that he was trying to punish me for being away, and since he got used to not having me, I could just stay away! But, things are back to normal now.

Erik seems to be preferring Gregg a little more these days as well. Guess he is growing in the male identity now.

We have a whole list of things to evaluate for Each of the boys, what skills they have or are just working on. The preschool teacher and the parents evaluate in fall and then in spring. So, after checking through the list we know a few things for focus on for the next while!

This weekend are our birthdays (Gregg's saturday and mine Monday) and Erik is especially looking forward to celebrating with cake. He is hoping his birthday comes soon. But at least we have some other birthdays to celebrate!

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