Tuesday, October 14, 2008

birthdays and sickness

The boys pressed daddy into opening gifts which they helped wrap, and were determined to unwrap it daddy did not do it.

Also you see here the building we live in now in the top 2 floors.

We had a plan to go to Palanga the resort town just north of Klaipeda on Saturday to do something different for Gregg's birthday. But just as we were getting ready to go he began feeling very ill and was sick hardly eating anything for the weekend. I felt that I was fighting it too in my digestive system by Saturday night.
So that cancelled our plans to travel to Panevezys for the commissioning of a local couple for short term(4 month) mission to India.

By Monday, my birthday, the situation was getting a little better for Gregg and he went back to work a few hours,and I returned to my routine. But after a few hours, Gregg was visibly not feeling well. So our plans were up in the air for going to a restaurant in the evening. In the end we did go, and tested the patience of the staff with our 2 little boys who just cannot sit still. Noone complained actually.

Then after the boys were in bed and we settled in we heard crying out from the other room and it was Erik throwing up all over. After it was cleaned up and he was lying down a few minutes, it started again.

So, Erik was home from preschool today. And once again we are glad for our alternate schedules for away from home work. Gregg was teaching and I was home- though still trying to work on my assignment for the online seminary class I am taking this fall.

Enough change in my routine I forgot the meeting I was to attend at LCC at 5 today. Oh well, the normal things of life!

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Out for Lunch said...

Happy Birthday guys, hope you get well soon. Cheers Kel