Friday, October 17, 2008

I walked out

I hoped I would not have to do this. But I said after the meeting with David's teachers and parents that I would not sit for another meeting that was like that!
This time it was for Erik's group. I had missed the first meeting and the parent's council called a second one. Apparently not all the parents were happy with the lists of supplies that were sent home to be brought in- cleaning items for the most part. And then there was the issue of water suggesting we all pitch in to buy a water cooler and jugs for the class. And one family had gone to the education department to complain and a newspaper article was written that ticked the teachers off because they got called on the carpet. So it was fuel for a good sized bonfire since people were not too agreeable to start with. After 45 minutes of people shouting over each other 4 and 5 at the same time, including the teachers, I got up and said I can't participate in this, I will communicate in some other way, but not this way!

I guess the times have come that I am finally in the situations where people are themselves, and am not treated as an outsider, especially a Westerner that should be sheilded from the realities. I have sensed over the past years that a certain amount of sheilding was happening. But nothing had quite prepared me for this level of open conflict with no resolution in site.

The teachers also left after a while when nothing was being resolved and they did not know the outcome. I have not heard from the parents though I did give my contact information through the teacher the next day.

On a more positive note, Our friends Modestas and Ramune have young children and they were over to play last night and to participate in a delayed celebration of my birthday. It was nice to see the children playing well together. And our boys were using more Lithuanian than they have so far at home. So the bilingualism is coming slowly now.

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